AI Chatbots are Disrupting the Cloud DevOps and Engineering Space: Are Jobs at Risk?

Apr 06 | 2 min


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With a lot of chatter about the latest version of Chat GPT since its release in November 2022, there has also been a fair degree of concern about how the growing sophistication of this and other AI technologies could impact the humans who currently carry out similar tasks.


Incredible Improvements In Chatbot Technology

That's because Chat GPT4 has already shown itself to have some very impressive capabilities. Whilst marketed as being a chatbot, this latest release can also create accurate code in Python, JavaScript and React, correct mistakes in other code fragments, and even develop entirely new programming languages. And given that this version of the chatbot Large Language Model tool has already surpassed the capabilities of its predecessor (which launched less than two years before it), it seems reasonable to expect that progress will continue on this impressive upwards trajectory. Other companies are currently working to develop and improve their own large language models, Google, and Amazon among them. This highlights that this approach to AI will be a cornerstone for many future organisations.


As a result, some commentators are predicting that humans could start to find themselves being replaced by this technology, and sooner than we may once have thought. In fact, this year could well see the beginning of human employees being let go in favour of the cost-effective intelligent chatbot.


Chatbots In The Dev Ops Space

Yet perhaps the future is not as bleak as many fear. After all, the large language model tools were developed to assist humans, and, as yet, their capabilities are not yet at a level where they can replace skilled tech talent in many key areas, such as Dev Ops. Whilst Chat GPT4 can certainly generate portions of accurate code and identify errors in given fragments, it can not be seen as a substitute for a professional developer who brings a whole host of skills to the table beyond simply being able to code.


For the most complex applications, such as those used for banking processes, chatbots may not yet be up to scratch, but they can be a valuable aid to the humans working on such projects. That's because these tools can automate many of the most time-consuming aspects of development by automating many of the repetitive tasks that eat up so many working hours. These tools can replicate the "boilerplate" code needed by an application, leaving the developer to focus their energy on the more challenging areas of work, such as cyber security features or application architecture.


An Opportunity For Developers

Perhaps, then, the arrival of ever more sophisticated AI tools can be seen as a positive for those who love their work in Dev Ops. After all, by delegating the less interesting or challenging aspects of their work to this technological aide, developers can spend their time on engaging aspects of a project, helping to improve their own skills in the process as they are no longer distracted by routine development tasks. And, by taking the opportunity to further hone those "soft skills" that also bring value to any Dev Ops project, such as team working, people management, and good communication, today's tech talent can prepare for a future in which large language models take on more and more of the mundane coding workload.


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