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Cloud Careers Crafted for You

Cloud Candidates

Whether you want quick help securing your next contract, or in-depth advice about planning your optimum career path, we can help.

Permanent or Contract: Optimise Your Career

As an IT professional skilled in Cloud technologies, you’ll know just how hot demand is. But the pace of change is increasing along with the complexity of the systems. So keeping informed and making the right career moves is essential. 

At Regal Cloud, infrastructure and Cloud technologies are in our blood. We know how to match your skills and ambition to the best contract and permanent roles across both professional services firms and end-clients.


Associates Programme

The breadth, dynamism and sophistication of the Cloud environment is opening up opportunities for niche consultancies. 

So we developed our Associates Program, which offers senior technical professionals unique project ownership opportunities and support. Plus events and advice on how to market their services to project decision-makers.

Career Ignition Session


Although there’s great opportunity across Cloud technologies, there’s also strong competition for the best roles.


To give our candidates the edge, we developed the Regal Career Ignition sessions. Through this offering, we’ll share our knowledge, which ranges from the standard CV and interview tips, through to sophisticated career planning and training advice. Plus tips to build your personal brand online.


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