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Regal has partnered with Kingsbridge, who have created an industry leading IR35 Status Tool which takes a best-of-both approach, allying a custom-designed automated process - developed by Andy Vessey ATT, ex-HMRC, tax advisor, and a leading IR35 specialist who has defended over 500 investigations, most of which he has won - with in-house expert consultancy to provide the quickest, most accurate IR35 status result available.



All IR35 related defence costs up to £100k, per contractor, per year for any claims made in the duration of the policy and in the four years following the expiry of the policy.


There are numerous innovative insurance products available to protect all parties in the recruitment supply chain (including contractors, ‘fee payers’, recruiters and end-clients) against this new risk. These products can be purchased by anyone in the supply chain.

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For every clear-cut case the tool will generate an instant determination, as well as a comprehensive report which will pull through the notable positives or negatives of a given engagement. You will also receive an official SDS that you can supply to your contractor.

If the process determines a borderline result, the answers given are passed over to one of Kingsbridge’s in-house IR35 specialists for further manual review – expertise, experience and years of insight into the specifics of these cases mean that you’re getting the most sophisticated, personal support available.

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