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Hiring Cloud Talent

The best talent to give you the commercial edge.

Clients Section

Our client services and products

A Partner With its Head in the Cloud

You probably want to keep your recruitment agency at arm’s length, but as we win your trust you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Support and advice from the outset of your project to steer your talent planning

  • Frank and valuable input on your job specs, salaries and hiring process

  • Advice and insights into what makes a great SaaS implementation, or digital transformation through your talent

  • Techniques for increasing revenue through SaaS/IaaS/PaaS


From Pre-Sales to Improved Revenue

To build a multi-cloud service platform that will beat your competition and achieve your revenue goals, you first need to succeed in the talent marketplace. And that’s where we exceed.

Our expertise will give you a competitive advantage from the beginning: when either bidding for an RFP when supplying SaaS/IaaS/PaaS or if you’re building a business case for a digital transformation programme.

Our market insight and experience will ensure the talent you receive has not only the technical skills but the political and commercial smarts that will give you the edge.


Don't Risk Your Digital Transformation

For your digital transformation to succeed, you need rock-solid advice based on evidence and experience. At Regal Cloud, we have a unique insight into the complexities and challenges these projects present, so our advice, service and candidates are a 100% match to your needs.