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Our suite of products gives leaders in Cloud Technology the ability to attract and acquire Cloud Talent in a way that is tailored to their business requirements and needs. Our flexible consumption model is designed to provide maximum value while also reducing overall spend. 


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With the right partner, no part of your journey needs to be daunting, and could quickly be a profitable investment. Whatever stage of your Cloud transformation you're at, our Statement of Works Solution, NIMBUS, can help.



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The exciting new partnership between Regal Cloud and DocAuthority empowers our customers to transform and optimise their Cloud environments in a way that is informed, transparent and strategic. Fully understanding your unstructured data landscape enables businesses to remove unnecessary spend, reduce and manage risk, maintain evergreen regulatory compliance and develop a bespoke, Cloud strategy tailored specifically to your business and data requirements. 

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Cloud Consulting

Building on our best-in-class Cloud Consulting capability, this partnership enables Regal to take our customers digital transformation journeys even further. Not only can we define strategy, design, deploy and manage your Cloud. The addition of DocAuthority to our service offering enables us to provide enterprises unmatched visibility into their unstructured data. 

Cloud Migration 

About to embark on a migration programme? Migrating data that’s obsolete or if you no longer have a lawful purpose to hold it is costly and carries risk. We can help you enhance your migration business case. Most organisations find that around 35% of their unstructured data is obsolete, saving thousands of pounds and reduces the regulatory risk. Contact us today for a free demo!

Data Governance

In 2020 data is arguably the most important asset organisations have. Having a Data Governance solution that provides clarity enables business and IT leaders to make well informed strategic decisions, driving cost efficiencies and ensuring compliance is crucial. Leveraging Regal Cloud’s Consulting Solution is scientifically proven to help the C-Suite gain a better night's sleep 92% of the time! 


Our Nimbus solution empowers businesses to execute Cloud projects quickly and efficiently. Leveraging our Associate team to deploy industry practitioners that have walked the walk time and time again. Giving your business the benefit of experience, even if you don’t yet have it internally. Our partnership with DocAuthority takes this offering to the next level - we can now define a strategy based *precisely* on the data within your business. We can even pre-index and pre-stage your data prior to any migration to provide you a fully optimised process and migration strategy.

Data Protection

In order to protect against Cyber threats, businesses need to know what data to protect, who has access to it and where it resides. Regal Clouds partnership with DocAuthority provides a solution for enterprises to gain visibility and control of their unstructured data. We are able to work in line with your objectives and leave businesses with a fully optimised process for data governance best practice.

Cloud Solutions

The pandemic saw global Cloud spend accelerate beyond expectations in 2020. Canalys' quarterly report claimed that global cloud infrastructure spending grew 31% to $34.6 billion in Q2 2020. This marked the largest expansion ever seen by the firm, with the Q2 2020 total over $3.5 billion higher than Q1 2020 and more than $8 billion more than the same period last year.  35% of an organisation's data typically holds no business value but does carry cost and potential risk.  Regal Cloud’s Consulting team can map your unstructured data to help you de-risk and save you £££’£££’s in storage spend.

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