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5 critical reasons it's worth learning GoLang for 2022

There are roughly 700 programming languages currently in use. There are many different types: open source, cross-platform, dynamic, multi-paradigm, assembly and more. New languages are being developed all the time as capability increases and more exacting demands are made of digital technology.

GoLang (or Go) consistently scores highly for ease of use, versatility and security. It is a comparatively young language but according to StackOverflow [1] by 2020 it had climbed to number 5 in popularity amongst the 65,000 developers polled. In addition, a GoLang developer can expect to be handsomely rewarded for their skills: Upwork Data ranks it the second most lucrative programme language [2]. Its popularity makes this the ideal time to add Go to your portfolio.

Based on C++, Java and Python, all of them major languages, Go was developed and released by Google in 2007 as a solution to some of the biggest challenges of software infrastructure development although it is a genuinely multi-purpose tool. Designed for use by the professional cloud developer, it enables highly effective results but with minimal effort. Because it builds on earlier giants, it has been able to carry their advantages forward while eliminating the instabilities and unreliability of the earlier options. It is a testament to its power that companies which run on Go include Google Facebook, Microsoft, HP and IBM. There are many very good reasons to adopt Go and here are just five of them.

1-Simple and Fast

Because its core language is constructed from a small collection of simply combined orthogonal features, it is quick to master. It was created to do without templates, generics or runtime libraries and therefore produces easily copied, single executable codes. Since it is compiled to machine code, it operates far more quickly than interpreted languages. It also offers you the capability to create perfect documentation from code without recourse to any other languages.

2-A Package System

Go's package mechanism, which provides a directory for the storage of source files and dependencies, enables perfect code separation and management of dependent software modules.

3-Enabled for Concurrency

Increasingly, businesses require multiple calculations and data processing functions to be performed at the same time. This has proved to be a problem for older programming languages as the hardware on which they run grows more sophisticated. Rather than simply adding more cores and therefore generating more microservice connections, you can use GoLang to manage fully concurrent execution of multiple threads, making a complex process appreciably faster.

3-Built-in Testing

Even when using the best programming languages, testing procedures can be a headache. Having to design a testing framework to match a particular coding project frequently means having to redesign it as you progress, but Go's built-in testing tool removes the risk of incompatibility and provides a wide range of testing options.

4-Designed for Practicality

Because Go was created as a problem-solving solution to address practical difficulties, it has never belonged to the realm of the coding academic. Its purpose is to do a job of work, not further programming language research, which is demonstrated in the clear, direct naming of its syntax, semantics and dependencies. As its creator Rob Pike said 'it is about language design in the service of software engineering' [3].


Go is setting new trends for businesses who understand the value of using it to write new projects and even to rewrite existing ones. It is perfect for the creation of robust software as well as the backends of mobile and web applications and even supports some level of web development. Frequent updates will significantly increase its power to contribute to the next stage of the web.

At Regal Cloud, we have many years of experience in sourcing the strongest cloud talent of which Go development is just one highly important area.

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