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5 Key Tips for Interviewing Cloud Engineers

When you’re looking to recruit in a technical, busy industry it makes sense to find expert support from a niche recruitment agency, who have a captive audience of high-level expertise seeking the kind of role you have to offer.

DevOps and Cloud engineers have specific skills, and the variables within the industry make it an exciting and fast-paced environment with vastly differing roles. Finding the person who meets your needs in that crowd can be challenging; our focus and existing network means we are an invaluable tool in recruiting the right candidate.

We have some tips for interviewing Cloud Engineers that can help you to get the best addition to your team:

Don’t Overcomplicate Skills Testing:

We know that skills testing is vital; you need to know for sure that the candidates can deliver in-role – but keep it brief; their CV should give you their history, and interview adds detail. Complex and drawn-out skills tests are dull and off-putting for candidates so keep it brief and get to know your candidates.

Sell Your Organisation to This Crowded Market

Too many organisations still think they are going to be able to cherry pick great candidates – but, right now, this isn’t a client-led market. There are a lot of open roles out there; the economy has been hit hard, but rapid growth is predicted – and jobseekers have their pick of opportunities – so you need to sell yourself.

Tell applicants what makes your team attractive, what makes the project juicy, and what tech they can expect to work with.

Make It Fun and Personal

All too often we speak to candidates after interview, and hear “the interview was dull, the process was complicated and drawn-out, and they didn’t seem interested in getting to know me!”

Interviews are so much more than matching skills and experience with technical needs; you need someone who will fit well in your team, who will be happy and feel they can progress, who will bring a wealth of experience and personality to enrich the existing team and add to the culture of the organisation. When we spend so much of our life in work, it has to be a place we feel we can thrive – and you have to want to there to succeed!

Be Honest About the Perks and Benefits

Avoid phrases like “competitive salary” or “standard package” because the ideal candidate might scroll right by your job listing. Be up front – tell people what they can expect to earn and list any perks above salary. Do you offer a great pension, any health insurance, bonuses, are there team trips and experiences, do you have a fruit basket delivered every Monday?!

Any good job is more than just a pay packet!

The Sky’s the Limit!

Excuse the cloud-based pun – but your scope for growth – as an employer, an employee, a candidate and a leader – really has no limit, so don’t box your listing in; you are looking for specific skills and experience – but your candidates want to see that there’s room for growth in your organisation, and that they can expect opportunities to learn and expand as part of your team.

Recruitment is a very specific skill – and we have honed ours with a specific focus on the Cloud Engineering and DevOps industry, putting teams and candidates in position to ensure that the very best and most experienced people can take your business forward and grow into this exciting industry.

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