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Cloud Adoption Trajectory

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

As the IT market continues its Cloud adoption trajectory, there are a large number of highly skilled Infrastructure specialists who could prove to be a real asset to any business and who are actively looking for a new position.

COVID-19 has seen this move to the Public Cloud gather even more pace and make the skills gap an even bigger problem to navigate for customers looking for permanent staff with these skills. We believe this could be the perfect time to get the right culture fit for your teams to be embedded and trained - given the current downturn. Regal Cloud has a solution that we would like to discuss with anyone interested.


The client needs a ready-made Cloud Engineer team with AWS, GCP, Azure, Multi or Hybrid Cloud experience.

Candidate has 10+ years in the IT Infrastructure market and is certified in the technology the client is looking for but does not have the hands-on experience required.

Regal Cloud sees this every day and bangs its head against the wall knowing there is talent out there that companies need and who would add value to any business! (Honestly, we really do!)


Regal Cloud works with you, the CLIENT, to understand any skill gaps in the team and what the perfect candidate or candidates might look like from a technical standpoint.

We go to market and identify candidates who can do this role with some training and hands-on experience added, but that we also know are the right fit for your business and have proven experience just being really good at what they do! This comes from doing this for over 16 years and isn’t a gimmick.

We then offer the client a skills gap analysis to show exactly where we think the candidate will need upskilling and together we come up with a training plan as to how we get the perfect candidate at the end who is invested in your company and willing to go the extra mile to prove you have made the right decision.

Average salaries for Cloud engineers are pretty high even now, and we know there are candidates on the market who would be willing to drop in salary to upskill with an understanding that this will be reviewed when certain milestones have been hit.

This will help companies build teams of highly motivated people who are driven to succeed. It will help candidates looking to get into a role that excites them technically and offers them real career progression. It helps in these uncertain times to all parties involved.

And it may help you realise we are a true partner for any organisation lucky enough to work with us.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of please reach out to us, and let’s get this going!

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