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Cloud Project Delays: What They Are and How to Avoid Them

Cloud computing has effectively supplanted all other environments in the world of enterprise IT. Building on the earliest mainframe systems of the 1950s, the notion of network computing dates back to the 1960s. By the 1990s, the term "cloud" was being adopted to refer to platforms for distributed computing, but it is widely agreed that the concept of cloud computing in its mature sense was first used by the CEO of Google at a conference in 2006.

Today, cloud computing enjoys the heaviest IT spending across industries of all shapes and sizes. However, with that committed level of investment comes the risk of concomitant negative impacts when things go wrong. CIOs urgently need to develop strategies for assimilating individual cloud decisions into a company’s overarching goals. That will involve ensuring that, after embracing cloud, the company has sufficient in-house skills to develop, distribute, maintain and troubleshoot its cloud services.

Cloud project delays can be disastrous in the world of permanent revolution that cloud computing has ushered in. The need for reliable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is paramount for any business that provides computer, network and storage services to consumers through any delivery model. The adoption, migration and dissemination of cloud services requires specific expertise that system integrators often lack the time and ability to develop within their existing workforce.

Sufficiency of resources is crucial, and although that includes the financial and the physical, it extends well beyond these concerns to encompass those perennially invaluable assets: human expertise, experience and capability. Being able to develop, deploy and distribute cloud services according to customer demand is essential.

Cloud computing requires the capacity to be both proactive and reactive. Huge levels of planning may go into proactive operation, but it is all too easy to be caught out by the need to be reactive. Any CIO needs consistent access to reliable, top-class talent. Recruiting and maintaining a highly skilled in-house team is highly desirable, but there will always be the chance that an unforeseen or emergent cloud project will leave even your best team overstretched.

One popular solution that is already proven to be effective is the adoption of the talent bench. Often referred to as Bench Talent as a Service (BTaaS), it draws its principles from the sports world, where a well-managed team keeps a dependable team of reserves on the bench ready to be brought into the game at moments of challenge or jeopardy.

The concept is ingenious. It allows CIOs instant access to the vital skills of professional cloud experts without having to keep them on the payroll, possibly under-employed for significant periods, which is of no benefit to anyone.

There are three major benefits to the BTaaS product. Because the bench talent is already interviewed, vetted and assembled into a team, engaging them when needed guarantees the constant availability of top skills, reduces your administration efforts and costs to a minimum, and allows you to deploy them without delay. Your ability to respond to often-unavoidable cloud project delays is crucial to the smooth and efficient conduct of your operation.

Regal Cloud is a talent partner with a proven track record in cloud recruitment. Our network of thousands of highly qualified IT contractors can be placed at your disposal on extremely short notice. We will submit a list of recommended resources for your review and approval, and the personnel you select will be added to your own custom BTaaS framework list. From that moment, they become available for you to call on as troubleshooters, support teams or project leaders - whatever it takes to tackle the challenges your company faces.

Regal Cloud understands the difficulties presented by cloud project delays, and we have developed the perfect solution. Ask us to build this essential resource for you in an entirely customized form, and you’ll be ready for anything.

Call us at +1 (737) 263-1690 or email enquiries@regal-cloud.com.

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