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Cloud: The Infinite Game

There are some concepts which the human mind finds impossible to comprehend. One is time; the concept of there being no beginning and no end to something we watch so closely, and which we experience on such a visceral level, is mind boggling.

The other is the concept of infinity. Whether you’re applying that to the size of space – and the number of stars – or to the limits of Cloud storage – it’s an impossible idea to scrutinise. We know it theoretically, but it still comes as something of a shock and an uncomfortable topic to ponder when we really examine what that means on a day to day basis.

Cloud has become a factor in most people’s lives; though not everyone may use it directly, or know that they are using it, everyone has heard of it. Apple iPhones, Google Drive, AWS, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox – these file sharing options and backups are all being used day to day, and people just aren’t putting much thought into it. We just trust that these systems exist and work when we need them.

The reason that these systems work, seemingly effortlessly, is that there are huge teams of experts hustling behind the scenes, updating and working on them 24/7. AWS alone sees an average of 14 updates every single day to ensure that the system continues to support the growing need from users.

Simon Sinek has described business as ‘The Infinite Game’ – and clarified that there is no end goal for business; there is no finish line, there is no winning, there is just continuous growth and development – and those who succeed are those who focus on infinity. Who continuously evolve, adapt and invest in the next step.

This mentality is what must be applied to Cloud – to the investment we are making in expertise and education, in experimentation and growth. Cloud Engineers, DevOps experts, digital intelligence and the specialised skills that these roles require mean consistent growth and study, mean always striving to know the next thing, to expand knowledge and insight.

This also means that for any business to thrive, they need their own experts in this field. Recruiting a DevOps or Cloud Engineer means that you need access to the network, an industry full of curious minds and experts in mysterious technologies.

It can be hard to attract talent from this niche market; knowing what skills to seek, what future to prepare for and what experience will best match your organisation’s existing systems and the potential moves you will need to make as these technologies continue to evolve, as well as selling who you are and what that opportunity will bring to the right person, is a big ask.

Working with a trusted partner – one who has access to this global network, who has the insight required to identify the best candidates, which skills to align, which needs to press and which qualifications to source – can be the difference between protecting your organisation, and losing touch with the evolving world.

Don’t recruit for your current needs; recruit for the forever changing landscape of business in a world which never stands still. Recruit for infinity.

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