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Covid-19 a year on, its impact on Cloud and how to recruit

We’ve spoken a lot about the pandemic, and the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on recruitment, and on the Cloud and tech industries specifically, bringing huge changes to how business works.

The majority of these changes show enormous technological and social advancement; huge leaps forward in Cloud capability, and in virtual communication, have seen remote working embraced on a scale we could never have predicted. We knew that the remote model of working was going to increase in future but that change happened overnight as countries across the world went into lockdown, and proved so successful that many businesses will never return to a traditional 9-5 office-based model.

So what other predictions can we make?

Recruitment budgets will be reduced, and recruitment from within will increase

As the economic pinch is felt we’ll see budget cuts, so companies will be looking internally at what skills and talent can be nurtured and trained into stepping up for new roles, rather than bringing in external recruits.

Project and contract roles will grow as permanent positions reduce

IR35 has made some more tentative about contract roles. Despite that, it looks likely that many organisations will be cutting back on permanent employee recruitment, instead bringing in contracted teams for specific projects. Those may turn into permanent roles over time, but investment will be more tentative in the short term.

Virtual recruitment will be the norm, not a unique approach

We saw a huge increase in video interviews, many for the first phase of recruitment being pre-recorded, moving to a face-to-face video call for the final stages. This approach has proven so effective and successful that many will continue with the model even when they’ve returned to their offices.

Who you are and what you can learn will matter more than qualifications or specific experience

There has been a significant swing away from recruiting for specific experience; instead business leaders want to ensure they find someone who is a good fit personally. Shared values, ethos and ambitions, all aligning with the goals of the organisation, are valued above specific qualifications when new skills can be trained in-house. Developing the right person is a better investment long-term. Willingness to grow, to learn new skills, and to cheerfully get involved in innovation are priceless traits.

Recruiters will adapt and lead the way for remote and global working

We have the benefit of seeing a huge range of organisations, and the different approaches they take in recruitment and employment. The switch to remote work has created a huge amount of scope for development, and for more effective global working. Teams aren’t limited by office space, geographical vicinity, or even time zones. Projects can be managed remotely and progress 24/7 if teams are efficiently managed.

Tech and software shape business growth

Without the expertise and commitment of Cloud engineers, Developers and IT expertise, many more businesses would have failed during the pandemic. The availability and infrastructure of Cloud and remote working has supported business, education, personal development and the wellbeing of people throughout the world. The success of this new approach will see it reshaping how we work, how we recruit, and how we do business forever.

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