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COVID-19 Creates more Opportunities in Cloud-based Dev

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

For most industries the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact – footfall has dropped, income has plummeted, and businesses are being forced to close – but for those still working a huge shift to distance and home working has seen an unprecedented increase in cloud computing, DevOps and network access – meaning that companies in these industries have seen a boost in sales.

Whilst nobody could have predicted a pandemic, and nobody would have wished for these circumstances, it has meant that many businesses have needed to take rapid steps to adapt to meeting the needs of clients with widespread teams, variable access to devices and networking tools like high speed internet access and cloud storage and communications.

Without the right support, these rapid steps have impacted the performance of some team members, failing to meet client needs or professional standards, and inferior technologies or limited access to the right resources has limited the capabilities of the business.

As more businesses seek the IT support they need to establish effective and successful cloud based Dev there is an increased need for recruiting the best digital talent. And in a market flooded with displaced employees looking for work it’s more challenging than ever before to filter out the best candidates and position the right people in roles which urgently need filling.

A candidate driven market means that recruitment is a significant investment of time and resource – and, as your client demand increases, you may struggle to complete recruitment alongside your workload. Bringing experts on board means that you can focus your energy on meeting the needs of your clients, safe in the knowledge that you’ll only meet candidates who are a great fit, and without the cumbersome admin of processing hundreds of applications.

Our focus on niche industries means that we already have access to a busy, experienced market of jobseekers, with the skills and experience that you’ll need for your highly skilled professional industry. We know how to create job listings which stand out from the noise, and which aspects of the role to focus on to ensure that we bring you people who will fit in your existing team, who share the ethos and company values that matter to you, and who offer the right skills and experience to fill a role and immediately make an impact on your workload.

Cloud services are an area we know will only increase in demand, and – though nothing in IT and computing is ever certain – the evolution of digital business and networking is taking an enormous leap forward. The pandemic has forced many companies to recognise how many employees can successfully work from home, and the impact on office working will be long lasting. As many people look for more flexible work/life arrangements, and employers recognise the benefits of happier teams, reduced office space and budget savings, and the need for systems which meet this changing need will be enormous.

This enormous change means that your organisation may be about to grow exponentially, with more work and more clients seeking your support.

Bringing expert recruitment professionals on board means that you will be able to focus your energies on meeting those client needs, whilst a targeted and experienced recruitment manager with a network of niche jobseekers to select from can bring you the best talent, with the right skills to take you forward.

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