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Create Cloud Salaries and Packages to Secure the Candidates You Need in 2022

There is always fierce debate about the next big thing. In tech and the wider commercial environment, cloud computing has not only arrived but has begun to revolutionise business practices. Rarely do entirely new disciplines evolve, but in this instance, a previously unimagined set of skills has emerged. As new coding languages like GoLang have been created, the role of the cloud developer has become essential. Unsurprisingly, the most talented and experienced specialists in this field are able to command high salaries.

What Do You Need to Pay?

The average salary for cloud computing positions is £62,500. This means there are people earning less but equally many in the larger companies with deeper pockets are making considerably more. In order to attract the best talent, you need to find out exactly what competition you are up against. A candidate with proven ability as a GoLang developer will be particularly sought after but expertise with other languages like C++, Rust and Fortran is equally desirable.

There are many resources to help you research appropriate salary offers, such as CWJobs, JobServe, TotalJobs and, best of all, LinkedIn. However, while salary is an important factor, it isn't necessarily the decisive one. You need to be flexible and creative, not just with the figures but in terms of other benefits, both tangible and intangible. At Regal Cloud, we are specialists in Cloud IT and we have been sourcing exceptional candidates for our clients since 2008. In that time we've learnt a great deal about the other significant priorities common amongst cloud computing practitioners.

Values and Culture

Younger people in the workforce care about the ethics and policies of their employers. A work culture which embraces and encourages diversity, inclusion, environmental responsibility and social justice is far more attractive than a company which is perceived to be pursuing profit without compassion.

Personal and Professional Development

A job is no longer just a job. It is part of a delicate work-life balance which candidates expect to contribute in positive ways to their well-being and their future. They spend vast amounts of their time at work so they are looking for more than remuneration - they are hungry to learn, grow, develop, experience and ultimately to give something back.

Flexible Working

Even before the covid-19 lockdowns, flexible working hours were becoming popular. The events of the past two years have shown that remote working, while not perfect, is entirely feasible. The sky did not fall in. So offering a mix of flexitime and remote working is becoming practically standard.

Working Relationships

A harmonious workplace has always relied on good relationships between colleagues at all levels. Since cloud computing experts are in such high demand, they are unlikely to stay long in a company which is rife with gossip, rivalry and cliquism. An open, friendly, supportive community of motivated, hard-working individuals is an ideal to be pursued at all times.

Perks and Benefits

So far we've talked about intangible benefits, all of which are important, but remember that you can add value with more tangible extras including health insurance, subscriptions and other membership schemes, paid parental leave, volunteer time off, company discounts and even retirement plans for those thinking long-term. Benefits of this kind are attractive in themselves and the simple act of offering them shows a significant degree of empathy with employees because it recognises that the quality of life goes beyond the figure on the payslip.

It isn't always easy to construct a truly competitive, irresistible and also affordable offer which is why Regal Cloud offers expert advice and guidance on how to put together packages that will enhance your cloud talent acquisition. As we talk to employers and candidates every day, we have gathered the experience and intelligence to help you rise above the fierce competition. We are experts in the cloud IT market and we use state-of-the-art Talent solutions technology to streamline and accelerate the process of hiring the very best talent to fill these increasingly important roles.

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