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Discover Cloud Resource Solutions With Bench Talent As A Service From Regal Cloud

With the launch of our new Cloud resource solution, Bench Talent as a Service (BTaaS), Regal Cloud is delivering a pioneering solution for organizations seeking to consolidate their talent acquisitions in the UK. With the capacity and capability to meet swift turn around times of just 48 hours.

What Is BTaaS? BTaaS is a unique new alternative to traditional service desk hiring solutions. BTaaS gives you the opportunity to make use of a pre-vetted talent bench of resource. This allows you to develop a supplementary revenue stream by passing any unused bench talent to third party organizations, setting Regal Cloud's BTaaS apart from the other products available. BTaaS can also save you valuable time usually spent on administration, both at the hiring and vetting stage, and with all maintenance and compliance requirements taken care of. Furthermore, BTaaS is uniquely scalable according to your customers' workload demands, eliminating the uncertainty often found with traditional solutions, and leaving your sales team free to carry on delivering with confidence. The figures speak for themselves. Clients who are already using Regal Cloud's BTaaS have seen a 90% fill rate for specialist IT service roles, with more than 300 contractors successfully placed. These clients have also enjoyed savings of 1000 working days thanks to the product's efficient capabilities, and have generated more than £10 million in additional revenue from selling on their unutilised talent. A Simple Solution- How BTaaS Works Our BTaaS solution is simple and straightforward to use. Making the most of our network of more than 30,000 contractors, BTaaS begins by creating a list of all the suitable resources for delivering your programs of work. As all of the resources will have been pre-vetted or interviewed by Regal Cloud, you can be assured that the candidates will be of the highest quality, and ready to get started with just a 48 hour hiring time. You can quickly identify the candidates you want from the selection of profiles we propose, and move them to your BTaaS framework list. This allows you to swiftly choose and deploy these resources, getting them onsite with your clients faster. Any resources not required by your clients can then be utilised on other client projects and Regal will pay you a percentage of the revenue created. Using Regal Cloud's leading-edge recruitment technology, the team will make sure that the finest talent is being attracted to your BTaaS framework, that all contractors meet UK compliance standards and that all projects will be delivered on time and on budget. Working with Regal Cloud and our pioneering BTaaS product can offer real, transformational benefits to organizations of all sizes. From increased efficiency to the opportunity to create new revenue streams, and of course the access to our exceptional quality candidates, it makes sense to switch to this new approach to service desk hiring. Why not get in touch today and discover what Regal Cloud's innovative BTaaS solution can do for your organization? Call us now on: Kent, UK: Phone: 0208 004 9877 Austin, TX Phone: +1 (737) 263-1690 Or Email: enquiries@regal-cloud.com

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