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With Stratus from Regal Cloud, you can transform your hiring expenditure into a profit center. Thanks to our talent pooling solution, you can be confident of maximizing the value from your investment, even as you reduce your overall spending.

Part Of The Regal Cloud Talent Suite

An innovative new product from Regal Cloud, Stratus is just one solution in a suite designed to offer leaders in cloud technology the very best benefits available. The Talent suite encompasses four cutting-edge solutions that have been developed to help you attract and acquire the most exceptional cloud talent out there. This can be achieved in a way that is perfectly tailored to your organization's unique needs and requirements, which means that the solution is the ideal custom tool for your business and its objectives. With our flexible consumption model, you can enjoy the best value from your investment.

A Look At The Four Products

The Regal Cloud Talent Suite is made up of four complementary products: Nimbus, Cumulus, Stratus and Cirrus.

Nimbus is the perfect choice for those who want a full project lifecycle, taking you from discovery all the way through delivery. Our Nimbus solution is agreed under an SOW and has fixed deliverables, all overseen by a dedicated Regal Cloud Program Manager who is aligned to your business.

Cumulus is Regal Cloud's Key Hire product, which provides your organization with all of the benefits associated with a traditional head-hunting service.

Cirrus allows you to take control and combine the benefits of an in-house talent acquisition team with the specialist, niche skills of an outside agency.

Stratus enables you to transform your hiring costs into a viable profit center, thanks to the use of our unique talent pooling solution.

Stratus: Bringing Value And Results

Stratus is Regal Cloud's Bundles enterprise package, and it is used by clients who want four or more professionals with a similar skill set over a 12-month period. This means that you can create a customized talent pipeline tailored to your exact requirements. Our Stratus Talent product also brings you the unique opportunity to transform recruitment into tangible profits for your business by allowing you to take any candidates you do not hire from your talent pool and return them to Regal Cloud in exchange for 15% of any subsequent market fees generated.

Our Stratus solution offers your business several essential features, including:

-Talent pooling

-Marketing and campaigns

-A dedicated employer microsite promoting your brand

-A video interview platform

-A profit center created through surplus talent pool candidates

Together, this means that you can enjoy a host of impressive benefits. You will be able to build talent pipelines, which will enable you to hire quickly when the need arises rather than have to start a fresh hiring process from scratch every time. This means that you will be able to mobilize swiftly to meet any sudden rapid demand. You will also benefit from the valuable insights generated by access to actionable market intelligence and trends analysis.

When you choose a Regal Cloud product, you can be assured that you and your organization are in the best possible hands. Here at Regal Cloud, we bridge the gap between traditional legacy recruitment agencies and consultancies by offering you cutting-edge, market-leading recruitment technology in conjunction with real, in-depth knowledge of industry and relationships. With Regal Cloud on your team, you will receive all the advantages of a game-changing methodology specially designed to engage the top 10% of cloud talent in the market.

If you want to experience these great cost savings and profit streams for your own organization, why not get in touch and find out more about Regal Cloud and our Stratus Talent product?

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