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How To Attract The Best Cloud Candidates

Five ways to attract the best Cloud candidates to your team

Recruitment can be challenging and – during the most difficult year many of us have experienced professionally – the job market is currently an overwhelming place, so ensuring that your open role stands out from the crowd to attract the best candidates is a conundrum.

With decades of industry experience and insight into the complexities, and an established network of professionals at the top of their game, we have a lot of tips that can help you. Here are our top five:

1. Let them know what they’re getting

Some organisations still run with “competitive salary and benefits” but that’s just not good enough; be up front about what you will pay, any potential for bonuses or growth, the perks that come with working for you – do you have gym membership for your team? A fruit basket and Friday doughnuts delivered to the office? Access to company discounts or other perks?

If so, put all of that in the ad – your candidates want you to sell yourself, and you have to show off the perks of being on your team; give them a reason to want to work for you.

2. Flexible working and working from home

This year has seen home working skyrocket and obviously a pandemic isn’t a ‘usual’ way to work – but home working, flexible working and giving your team some autonomy on when they are productive and how they’d like to structure their working hours goes a long way. The option to work within the office or from home flexibly, as long as performance isn’t impacted, is a huge benefit to many people – and as long as they have the right equipment and access to the data they need, many find they are more productive working in this way, without the distractions of a busy office – so be flexible about your structure.

3. Create a welcoming culture and supportive environment

People want to be comfortable and secure – so try to create an office and organisational culture which puts people first, rather than financial targets or high-pressured goals for productivity. Reward good work, rather than berating poor – and people will strive to achieve more because they feel supported and committed to achievements of the team as a whole, not just their personal goals.

4. Embrace technology and make it work for you

The people working in this environment are – obviously – very tech savvy, so be sure that your organisation embraces the latest developments in technology and possible tools. Use digital comms, virtual meeting spaces, shared access documents and storage and let your team work in a way which suits their instinctive drive.

5. Development

The best thing you can do to ensure that you retain the best available skills and professionals within your organisation is to offer ongoing development in-house. Access to training, skills development, professional growth and learning opportunities is a sure-fire way to maintain not only the most recent and up to date skills and experience, but to secure commitment and longevity from employees in return. If they feel supported to expand in their own career, they will give that same level of commitment to your organisation-and grow with you.

If you would like support to recruit the best on the market and ensure that your team is the pinnacle in excellence, call us on our UK number 0208 004 9877 or our US number at +1 (737) 263-1690 to talk through your open position; we can help.

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