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Multi-Cloud Computing

The move to Cloud storage and technologies for saving, accessing and protecting data, files and information – whether that’s for private use or for business – has taken off across the world, and has very quickly become the go-to solution for many tech users. A large proportion took the leap into Cloud tech because of issues with physical technology and hardware failing, which meant that data was lost, corrupted or inaccessible – all problems that Cloud tech have eliminated with their high security access and multi-format hardware and support behind the scenes.

There are still some, however, who worry that using Cloud tech and storage for all of their data leaves it open to hacking, viruses or malware. All concerns which see those in the industry forever updating, evolving and developing better and more secure systems and encryptions, to ensure that users are never at risk.

A great way to ensure your own protection, and to reduce any risk should one service be impacted by any issues, is to opt for multi-Cloud computing. Recent data states that over 85% of organisations are using a multi-Cloud approach. This has a couple of definitions, depending on the source, but the most common interpretation is to use multiple different Cloud technologies or services simultaneously. A recent survey by Forrester/Virtustream identified that 32% of Cloud users opt for this model – with 23% combining Cloud technologies with their previous, non-Cloud systems.

Some of you will have heard of issues in recent history with Microsoft Azure outage and identifying signs of attacks on their security – which can raise concerns for those needing secure business technology – but spreading your risk by utilising a range of services, with Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Cloud and iCloud, to name but a few of the biggest names, is a great way to protect not only your own data but that of your consumers, customers and clients. For private users, multi-Cloud computing can help to secure you against identity fraud and malware on your personal devices, which keeps your family safe too.

2020 has seen a huge increase in virtual communications, Cloud storage and access remotely. As the pandemic forced so many of us to adapt quickly to working from home, and the industry had to jump into action and meet demand on an unprecedented scale, with more users than we could ever have predicted. Despite the challenges, the success of the technology and its global use to support a huge range of industry and keep businesses moving forward, protecting jobs and economies which would otherwise have crumbled, proves the success of the multi-Cloud computing approach.

Nothing could have prepared the world for the year we’ve had – but the lessons we’ve learned, and the changes this makes to future business, are immense – and it’s an exciting time to be in tech.

Now is the time, if you haven’t already, to move to Cloud technology – to reap the many benefits and to give your team a future-proof system which supports their everyday needs, as well as protecting your data from accidental loss or harm.

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