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NIMBUS - Our IR35 Solution

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

We are often asked for more details on our NIMBUS product, and the solution that we offer to upcoming changes to the IR35 legislation. In a time when the economy and everyone of us is battling against a number of challenges employers are being more careful than ever, but need to continue building on the Cloud Transformation and DevOps adoption there organisation is currently undertaking.

Acquiring talent via Regal Cloud not only gives you the competitive and commercial advantage in achieving your Digital Transformation Goals, it also allows you the reassurance of sourcing and utilising the most skilled and expert talent in the industry without the risks of permanent investment.


Leverage our Associate Programme to deliver outcome-based packages of work. This offers our clients a consulting and delivery function at a fraction of the cost of your traditional consultancies.

What we mean by this is that you aren’t hiring for specific skills, on-boarding a set number of people, recruiting for specific roles or burdened with the time-consuming task of training and developing specialists. We work with you to fully understand what your needs are, the goal and aim of the project, and from that we create an SoW (Statement of Work) which outlines those specifics – and then we build and implement the team who will deliver that process from concept to delivery.

Our SoW’s are not an off-the-shelf product, they are an offering to address your problems, challenges or brand’s opportunities efficiently and effectively. Achieved by engaging with exceptional talent to deliver outcomes that few can match for ROI or agility. Every SoW is led by a world-class subject matter expert and the program will be fulfilled by a hand-picked team of specialists in parallel to current project priorities or in parcels of work to support large-scale cloud transformation change, efficiency or optimisation projects.

How is NIMBUS an IR35 solution?

When you are engaging / onboarding Contractors you will be faced with assessments and changing requirements, complications and processes which mean you need to decide whether this is an employee who will be on your payroll or an external contractor, which still creates documentation your organisation must complete and runs its own risks.

NIMBUS comes with the reassurance of free IR35 assessments for every resource assigned to the project, and an insurance solution for those outside of IR35 determinations (IR35 is a UK only consideration).

What you get, in real terms, is a team of experts who have ‘walked the walk’ on multiple Cloud and DevOps projects aligned specifically with your project but who will also work closely with your existing teams and be able to knowledge transfer to your work force.

With fixed deliverables, you can focus on the bigger picture, secure in the knowledge that our NIMBUS product is delivering your technology goals in a secure and transparent framework

Download our NIMBUS - SOW Brochure here.

Call our team today to find out more and trust our specialists to understand and meet your specific requirements. Call 0208 004 9877 for our UK office or +1 (737) 263-1690 for our US branch or email enquiries@regal-cloud.com to discuss your needs, and how we can meet them.

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