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The soft skills to shout about to set you apart and attract the best projects

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

When applying for IT or Cloud roles, many candidates make the mistake of focussing solely on highlighting their technical skills on their CV and in cover letters. Technical skills are undeniably incredibly important, but as soft skills also play a key role, failing to shout about your work ethic, personal characteristics and ability to think critically could mean that you miss out on securing your dream role.

What are the differences between technical and soft skills?

The technical capabilities required to fulfil each job role will vary, whereas soft skills are fully transferable and will benefit your ability to thrive in the workplace. Soft skills cover a range of different elements, including how you communicate with your colleagues, how you approach problem-solving and how well you manage your time and prioritise tasks.

How Softer Skills Can Help You Excel in the IT Sector

Skills that fall under the soft umbrella are an intrinsic part of your personality, and as they will come naturally to you, in most cases they simply cannot be taught. Here is a closer look at a selection of skills that you should be emphasising when you next sit down to write a cover letter for that Cloud IT role you really want to secure.

Communication skills: IT professionals need to understand how to communicate with a variety of different people, from peers to management. Without solid communication skills, it will be almost impossible to ensure that technology issues are addressed efficiently and that the most value is being driven from the tools available to the business.

Organisation skills: Organised people are more productive and reliable. Careers in the tech sector are fast-moving and dynamic, which is exciting but requires the ability to successfully multi-task without compromising on the quality of your output.

Creative skills: The ability to be creative is an extremely underrated skill in the tech sector. Your creativity could allow your team to implement innovative solutions to streamline processes and fulfil emerging business needs with existing technologies.

Analytical and critical thinking skills: In a sector where being able to apply logic to reveal innovative solutions to often complex problems, the ability to think analytically is vital. From creating valuable spreadsheets to identifying trends and spotting problems before they make too much of an impact, your critical thinking skills could make you an attractive prospect for many employers.

Persistence and determination: If you have a sense of determination, that means you won't give up easily on complex problems. Highlighting this in your cover letter will make many hiring teams really pay attention to your CV. Most roles in the tech sector require professionals to be committed to a consistent process of growth and learning, and persistence is required to keep pushing forward even as new challenges are constantly emerging.

As you can see, softer skills can enhance technical abilities in numerous ways, thereby making candidates who can display both, highly attractive prospects to dynamic employers wanting to push their businesses forward.

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