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The Tech Revolution That Arrived with COVID-19

2020 has been a year of global change; the way we work, communicate and live has been forced to drastically adapt to meet the needs of populations, industry and the economy, and many people feel like they’ve been holding their breath and waiting for ‘back to normal’ to arrive – but the tech industry has been forced to leap forward and adapt quickly to meet vastly increased needs.

As Microsoft Teams meetings hit the billions of minutes, Zoom use has jumped from 10m users to over 200m users, and home working has increased from 24% to over 60% in employed adults, the need for better cloud solutions now saw the IT and DevOps industry leap into action – adapting and meeting that vastly increased need through 2020, and advancing the expected technological developments at a much quicker rate than anticipated.

We always knew – with the rise of The Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 – that the world was shifting towards increased use of computers, virtual communications and cloud usage – but nothing could have prepared us for the impact of a global pandemic which forced millions of people out of the office and into home-working overnight, as Governments world wide set lockdowns and social distancing limitations on whole populations.

In order for the economy to survive (and for working people to be able to continue working, earning and meeting customer needs) technology had to step up – and the technological revolution that had been drip-feeding into consciousness needed to be resourceful to meet that overnight growth.

The areas which we know have seen the most significant development are virtual communications – tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams – have jumped up by millions of users, who all rely on high-quality video communications and shared workspaces, where cloud storage supports sharing files, data and information – meaning that those designing and delivering those services have been working non-stop to develop, advance and improve the offerings.

Social media has seen a renewed vigour as users who had drifted away return, looking to online communications to give the human interaction that’s so vital to our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Robotics, automation and AI have leapt forward as consumer demand increased drastically – industry leaders such as Amazon utilising this automation and robotics for shipments and deliveries, trialling robot and drone delivery systems far sooner than anticipated, with great success.

Blockchain and virtual currency have advanced – both in number of users and investors and in applications – helping to protect and secure the transactions and tech development of this increased online population.

Comms and mobile internet usage more than quadrupled, meaning that service providers needed to leap into action to meet the increased demand and requirements – with vastly higher numbers of people relying on internet and mobile networks to communicate both for work and personal relationships – and, again, the solutions have been developed as quickly as demand necessitated.

The huge leaps and advancement can only have been possible because of significant investment and recruitment in tech and DevOps teams, and the impact on the recruitment industry has been just as significant, with specialised and niche recruitment consultants being called into action by increased market need, making use of the global network of specialists, tech experts and upcoming IT talent being headhunted; with talent in such demand, and need only likely to grow, you can rely on the expertise of our team to support your hiring strategy, finding you the best talent in the market to boost your team’s success through these unprecedented times. Be part of the revolution, and let us get you there.

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