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Three things companies benefit from by attracting talent continuously throughout the year

Recruitment is fundamental to the continued growth and success of your business. As a matter of philosophy and policy, your ability to attract and retain valued workers is central to sustaining both your performance and your brand as an employer. Yet recruitment is far from simple. It consumes time, money and resources. Its outcomes can never be predicted with 100% accuracy. If it goes wrong it can be costly.

One of the biggest mistakes an employer can make is to assume that recruiting can be left to those times when you find you have a sudden or imminent gap in your workforce. Losing a prized member of the team is a blow at the best of times, but when it happens leaving you barely enough time to find a replacement, a headache becomes a nightmare. Equally, the rapid growth of your business may have left you under-resourced to meet the challenge of new projects and golden opportunities.

This is precisely why the idea of continuous recruiting has become so popular. Instead of waiting for vacancies that need to be urgently filled, there are many advantages to an ongoing policy of continuous recruitment throughout the year. Here are just three of them.

1. Constant access to the best talent will give you an operational edge. If you save your resources until a specific need arises, you could be putting yourself at a serious disadvantage. Your recruitment window will be severely limited and you will have access to a much smaller pool of talent than would be available year-round. Dipping your toe in the waters of recruitment on an occasional basis will mean you will be disengaged from the constantly evolving market in jobs and candidates. It may save you money but it's a false economy. You'll find yourself pressed for time and options, compelled to make plans and decisions reactively. In contrast, continuous recruiting as a proactive, open-ended process will equip you with the very best talent around.

2. If you neglect recruitment issues until those times when filling vacancies becomes urgent, then you are going to have to invest time and money which may distract attention and resources from other business priorities. Anticipating these occasional emergencies with a strategic policy of continuous recruiting means you can avoid these pressure points, ease your administrative burden and concentrate more of your time on the pursuit of profitability.

3. Continuous recruiting might sound like an extravagant expense if it means employing talent only to be held in reserve. It doesn't have to work that way: the perfect solution could be bench talent recruiting. This innovation in recruitment is modelled, as its name suggests, on the sports concept of the subs bench. The idea is to equip businesses with talent reserves that can be deployed at short notice with minimal administrative intervention, allowing you to scale your active workforce up and down as circumstances demand. It requires only a modest investment of time and resources compared to conventional recruiting, leaving you free to concentrate on running and growing your business.

The choice between continuous recruiting and hiring on demand used to come down to cost. On demand is risky. Continuous can be expensive. The beauty of bench talent recruiting is that it gives you constant access to talented professionals who have already been interviewed and vetted, their qualifications confirmed, their references verified. Any unexpected or unwanted change in the structure of your workforce can be addressed immediately.

At Regal Cloud, we have long recognised the need to find more versatile ways of solving the short- and long-term recruiting needs of our clients. For this reason, we developed our Bench Talent as a Service (BTaaS) product. It means we can make the best of global talent available to you quickly and cost effectively, matching great candidates to your requirements even before you need them.

Planning ahead pays off. Let us transform your experience of recruiting with services fit for the dynamic business environment of today. We specialise in recruiting so that you don't have to. Find out exactly how we can help.

Email us now: enquiries@regal-cloud.com.

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