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Top 5 reasons to modernise your legacy IT systems to the cloud

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

If your organisation is still running on legacy IT systems, it's time to move online. With digital transformation now imperative across all industries and sectors, switching to cloud-based IT systems is the logical next step. The adoption of cloud technology can bring a host of benefits, with a recent study by Vanson Bourne finding that organisations which modernised their legacy IT systems in this way reduced their operational costs by 13%. Those same organisations went on to predict that making the switch would boost their annual revenues by 14%. [1]

And, if you still need convincing, read on to discover Regal Cloud's top five reasons to modernise your technology by migrating to the cloud.

1. Better cash flow management

Better cash management is a compelling reason to make the move to the cloud. The online nature of cloud services means that they are delivered according to requirement, be it a monthly subscription or a pay-as-you-need model. Not only does that mean that you won't end up paying for services or features that you don't want, but it also makes it incredibly easy to track IT services expenditure.

2. Keep data safe

The cloud is a remarkably secure environment, ensuring that your organisation is able to meet data compliance regulations. Cloud service providers invest heavily in the security of their offering, with Microsoft alone spending billions of dollars on the latest security measures. Without the need to install updates or patches, you can relax knowing that your data is always benefiting from the highest levels of protection.

3. Better collaboration

Moving to the cloud can bring tangible results in terms of efficiency and productivity, too. With tools that facilitate collaborative working, as well as the capability to streamline or even automate repetitive tasks and operations, your whole team will benefit.

4. Access to the latest innovation and regular updates

When your IT systems are in the cloud, you can enjoy access to the very latest innovations as a matter of course. With providers such as Microsoft, which supplies rapid and regular product updates, your organisation will have continual access to the most cutting edge technology solutions, and at no extra charge. Features are updated weekly whilst more substantial upgrades take place twice a year, with no action required on your part.

5. Maintenance costs and talent shortages

Cloud adoption will also mean that you can say goodbye to increasing maintenance costs (a considerable issue with ageing legacy systems), as well as the challenge of finding the talent needed to carry out this work. Opting for technology modernisation instead can save you substantial sums of money and inconvenience.

Choose The Best Cloud Partner

Here at Regal Cloud we provide the talent behind the most respected cloud service providers; AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and any business that is transforming to the Cloud can be sure that the project will be a success with our range of talent products.

We work on a full Cloud readiness assessment that enables you to save time and money when your Cloud migration project starts. We'll work closely, alongside your technical teams and departments to ensure that when the time comes there are no surprises.

For any digital transformation to succeed, you need rock-solid advice based on evidence and experience. At Regal Cloud, we have a unique insight into the complexities and challenges these projects present, so you can be sure that our advice, service and candidates are a 100% match to your needs.

Get in touch today on 0208 004 9877 or at enquiries@regal-cloud.com, and discover how Regal Cloud can help deliver your technology modernisation?

[1] https://incrementalgroup.co.uk/2021/03/26/technology-modernisation-7-reasons/

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