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Upskilling the Existing Infrastructure Talent

The pandemic has impacted lives in so many ways that it’s impossible to get a true measure. One area in which we have seen significant unexpected change is the increasing skills gap in the tech industry. The move towards Cloud has been on the horizon for years, and we all knew that that was the way things were moving – but as the world was forced to adapt to different ways of working overnight the need for high-end Cloud solutions and for high-end Cloud and DevOps Engineers to deliver that solution skyrocketed.

Recruitment in those areas is fast-paced and competitive, and there simply isn’t enough experienced talent around to fill every role. Our solution? Train in-house. Hear us out; recruiting for a unicorn is hard work – finding someone who ticks every box of skill, experience and specific knowledge is tough. Finding someone we already know, with transferable skills, proven track record of excellence and adaptability, who is willing and keen to put the work into their own personal growth – and who we know is a perfect fit for the team you already have – is much simpler. Offering training to develop those specific skills, and embedding them into your team, means that you can tailor the perfect recruit to meet your exact requirements, investing in their growth and development and benefitting from that growth immediately.

Our skills gap analysis identifies where the right training and experience will benefit the individual, and how that will impact your team. We’ll work with you to create a training and development plan where your investment in someone is repaid in commitment to you and the increased skills you need in the team.

· Training

· Time

· Teamwork

· Talent sharing

· Track

· Trust

Training: Specific needs are identified, and a plan created for training the new recruit to fill the skill gaps, and enhance their knowledge, experience and ability to deliver.

Time: Your investment of not just training costs but the time it takes to develop someone’s skills proves your faith in them, and they in turn will embed well into your team, sharing the new knowledge and improving the overall experience you can offer to your clients.

Teamwork: Training doesn’t just benefit the individual – they share those skills with the wider team, who will all benefit from more experience, greater knowledge and better insight into DevOps, Cloud development and Digital IT.

Talent Sharing: Identifying skills gaps at the beginning of this process also identifies what skills you do have in the team, creating a culture of talent sharing, where everyone is able to learn from the experiences of each other, thus enhancing and improving everyone’s abilities and talent.

Track: Regular communication about what’s being improved, where skills and experience are being developed, and measuring that against previous standards shows where your investment is reaping rewards; you will then see the return on your investment as the organisation’s skillset expands.

Trust: Your investment in the development and growth of a new hire shows that you are willing to build a better future for them and for your organisation. The reward you see from investing in people’s growth is that they trust you have their ambitions and career goals at the heart of your plans, and in return you trust them to commit to you. This mutual trust enhances the culture of your organisation, as well as improving the standard of expertise you can offer as a service.

With over sixteen years of experience recruiting and training in the Cloud, DevOps and digital technology field we have a wealth of insight and expertise to offer; speak to our consultants today to see how investing in training alongside your recruitment can benefit you. Contact us today!

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