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When It Comes To Cloud Roles, How Many Interviews Are Too Many?

They are an integral part of the hiring process and interviews can certainly be a valuable tool for employers. Meeting and talking with candidates in person gives recruiters a chance to discover far more about an applicant than can possibly be gleaned from a CV or covering letter. An interview is an opportunity for both parties to get a real sense of the personalities they could be working with, and to ask any questions about any areas that may need clarification. This helps both employer and candidate to make a more informed decision about the role.

Getting The Balance Right With Interview Rounds

Today, a succession of interview rounds can be the norm for positions associated with cloud careers. Whilst this shouldn't be necessary for entry-level positions, for roles that carry significant responsibility, a few interview rounds can be invaluable. This can help employers to scrutinise the personality and capabilities of the strongest candidates, each of whom will, by definition, be well qualified in order to have reached this point.

However, it is essential not to overdo the demand on candidates by asking them to attend too many rounds of interviews. In the majority of cases, two rounds of interviews should be sufficient, with three rounds required only in exceptional circumstances. After all, after two rounds of meetings with a candidate, it's likely that all of the pertinent information will have been covered. In further drawing out the hiring process, employers risk alienating the very talent they hope to secure.

Simply put, by asking candidates to go through multiple rounds of interviews, an organisation runs the risk of having their preferred applicant develop fatigue with the entire process and drop out, or they may well be snapped up by another more agile organisation. With employer value proposition now a major factor in candidate decisions, excessive rounds of interviews can be off-putting. It sends the signal that your company is indecisive, bureaucratic and slow-moving.

Consider Your Interview Process

It is easy to avoid falling into this trap by planning your interviews in advance. Decide what information you need to elicit from your candidates, with a focus on what your business needs, the criteria relating to the vacancy at hand, and the personality type that will be a good fit with your company culture.

It's a good practice to have the same people present at all interviews with the same candidate, to avoid needlessly repeating the same questions, which can be extremely frustrating for candidates. Additionally, aim to hold all of a candidate's interviews across a single day, which will be both more efficient for your internal resourcing and decision-making and will help you to avoid losing out on promising candidates who are unable to take multiple days away from their current job to meet with you.

Partner With Recruitment Specialists to Get Interviews Right

Ultimately, there's no one magic number that identifies the number of interview rounds. Much will depend on factors such as the nature of the role at hand, and the information that you find you need from candidates in order to make a decision.

The experts at Regal Cloud can help to ensure that your recruitment process runs smoothly and effectively every time. From identifying the right cloud talent for your organisation and its business needs to handling the challenges of balancing the interview process, Regal Cloud can support you every step of the way. Why not get in touch today, at 26 Kings Hill Avenue, Kent, ME19 4AE, on 0208 004 9877, or at enquiries@regal-cloud.com and discover how Regal Cloud can provide your ideal hiring solution.

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