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Why use a niche Talent partner to find specialist talent

Why use a niche Talent partner to find specialist talent

When it comes to optimising your chances of meeting your goals for your business, it all begins with having the right people by your side. With the best teams in place, your organisation can pull together efficiently, with everybody understanding just what needs to be done in order to achieve your shared objectives. And, of course, getting the talent you need into your business starts with the Talent solutions process. This is a notoriously tricky challenge, and it makes sense to partner with a niche recruitment specialist if you want to be confident of getting it right every time.

At Regal Cloud we source the highly-skilled, high-level tech talent that is often hard to find for our clients in highly niche Cloud sectors and acquiring talent via Regal Cloud gives clients competitive and commercial advantage in achieving Cloud Transformation Goals.

Allow our dedicated team of sector experts do the resourcing for you.

Engagement with a focused talent pool

Candidates with the right tech skill sets for your business are hard to find with the broad-stroke procedures of a standard Talent solutions agency. Niche Talent partners have access to a uniquely curated pool of candidates consisting of people who understand your industry. Regal Cloud provide talent acquisition solutions for a variety of highly specific roles, and we are the natural choice for the most qualified applicants.

Contacts in the right places

Cloud tech is in our DNA and our routine engagement within the Cloud arena means that we have access to and attend the best industry events, user groups and forums bringing us into close contact with the very people your business is looking to hire.

This also means your Talent solutions process will be faster and more efficient. If it costs a little more for a bespoke service, your investment will be more than repaid by the effectiveness of the outcome.

A further advantage of working with a niche Talent partner such as Regal Coud is the regular access to sector networks outside the realm of Talent solutions. We keep our partners up to date with industry developments, new practices, valuable contacts and the latest professional insights, knowledge of which can benefit your company.

Knowing the market

While more generalist Talent partners will know a great deal about conditions and trends in the job market, their knowledge will inevitably be broader than it is deep. Our specialisms in our niche sectors mean we develop a more profound and detailed understanding of the industries in which your business operates. Our market insight and experience will ensure the talent you receive has not only the technical skills but the political and commercial smarts that will give you the edge.

Our databases of both active and passive high-level candidates are constantly being refined to reflect the best of the available talent. This gives virtually immediate access to the best individuals for a particular role.

As niche Talent partners, we’ve invested a great deal of time to establish our position as industry experts, attracting talented candidates on the basis of our reputation. We immerse ourselves in our target markets, building relationships and forming networks with potential candidates long before they are looking for a new challenge. Both clients and candidates are happy to rely on the our judgment in matching the person to the job.

A Proactive approach

There are many effective ways of filling vacancies which don't need to involve advertising, either by employers or by candidates using job boards. Reputation and repeat business are key to the success of niche Talent partners. Many of Regal’s candidates never post their CVs because they are confident in our ability to further their careers with the right roles at the best companies. Similarly, many of our clients will come to us long before they consider advertising a vacancy because they know our books will be full of ideal candidates.

Regal Cloud make the best of global talent available to you.

At Regal Cloud, we have long recognised the need to find more versatile ways of solving the short- and long-term recruiting needs of our clients. For this reason, we developed our Bench Talent as a Service (BTaaS) product. It means we can make the best of global talent available to you quickly and cost effectively, matching great candidates to your requirements even before you need them.

Planning ahead pays off. Let us transform your experience of Talent solutions with services fit for the dynamic business environment of today. We specialise in Talent solutions so that you don't have to. Find out exactly how we can help enquiries@regal-cloud.com or call 020 8004 9877.

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