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Why You Should Use a Talent Partner

It’s been a challenging 12 months for business, no matter what industry you’re in, and there are a number of difficulties that many of us are still facing.

One area in which people are tempted to make cutbacks is recruitment – some opting not to recruit right now, trying to plug any gaps with shared workloads, and others trying to save costs by recruiting internally rather than investing in expert support from external talent partners.

When you consider the bigger picture, stretching your existing team to save on recruitment costs or trying to complete the process internally without expert help is counterproductive; now is precisely when you should be looking for new talent, and investing in the right help is the best way to ensure that any new recruit’s will benefit your existing team.

Let’s look at three obvious reasons why working with a talent partner makes sense:

Wider network and industry insight

We have worked for years to establish ourselves as trusted partners for all our clients and have a global, established network of expertise. We’ve built a community of talented individuals with eyes on who is ready to move, who is actively looking for an opportunity, and how to attract and appeal to the specific skills you are looking to bring into your team.

We have the tools to target job promotion with laser focus, to get it in front of the exact and specific audience you need, rather than adding it to a job site and hoping the right person will stumble across it. We also have strong relationships with well-established talent in your industry, those that may not actively be looking for a new role, but are open to being tempted if they’re approached by the right opportunity.

Time saving and cost-efficient

Don’t be tempted to save money by getting your internal team to manage recruitment; without experience and expertise in recruitment, the investment of man-hours and working time that goes into creating, promoting and managing job opportunities is significant – and when you convert that into salaried time being misused, the costs quickly add up.

Trusted experts in talent acquisition not only take the bulk of the ‘grunt work’ off your hands – processing applicants, filtering out unsuitable CVs, carrying out initial interviews to ensure potential recruits are well suited – they also accurately create and promote the job listing to ensure it is seen by the cream of the crop, targeting particular jobseekers and experienced potential recruits, and using existing relationships to seek out those who have the skills, experience and values you would benefit from bringing on board.

Wraparound service

Talent acquisition is far more than ‘just recruitment’ – it’s ongoing support, consultancy, training and development, embedding and supporting the onboarding process of new team members, expert guidance and advice to steer the talent planning and future development of your organisation, with a frank and valuable oversight of your job specification, salaries and the increased revenue you can expect from proper recruitment planning.

The pandemic has made the past 12 months very difficult for many organisations to survive – and it’s tempting to cut costs to protect your future – but recruitment is the one place that it’s safer to invest than to avoid spending; today is the day to start looking to the future, to your growth, and to the next steps in thriving, rather than simply surviving, beyond Covid-19.

Speak to one of our talent acquisition experts today, and let us support you in these next steps; call one of our offices, or email the team on enquiries@regal-cloud.com


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