Space Management Engineer

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Cloud Consulting

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Collaborate within the Project Team to design, develop, and implement necessary tools for efficient operations.
  2. Assist the Workplace Technologies Team in various capacities as required, fostering a collaborative approach to achieve team goals.
  3. Drive continuous improvement by enhancing internal best practices and processes, contributing to the overall efficiency of the organisation.
  4. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with associated IT teams, ensuring seamless collaboration across the business.
  5. Facilitate knowledge-sharing within the team, upskilling colleagues on the solutions being implemented to enhance overall competency.
  6. Develop and maintain comprehensive documentation, including training materials tailored for non-technical team members.
  7. Contribute to the definition of the operating model for new solutions, ensuring alignment with organisational objectives.

Key Requirements:

  1. Desirable experience with Space Management Solutions, such as Condecco, EMS, or AppSpace, although not essential.
  2. Proficiency in API integrations, with a demonstrated ability to integrate mobility solutions into various platforms.
  3. Prior experience in Vendor Management, with a focus on access control systems like ESS Genetec.
  4. Optional experience with Smart lockers would be advantageous.


  1. Demonstrated experience in implementing Space Management Solutions for global companies (e.g., Condecco, EMS, AppSpace).
  2. Experience with Staff Applications, showcasing API knowledge and successful integration of mobility solutions, particularly in the areas of Desk Booking, Meeting Room Booking (including custom requirements for Internal & White Glove Areas), Visitor Management, and Staff Services (integration with amenities like restaurants, dry cleaning, gym, etc.).
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